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Essential Kitchen Supply 6Mil Vacuum Seal Bags (15" x 20" Black and Clear)

Essential Kitchen Supply 6Mil Vacuum Seal Bags (15" x 20" Black and Clear)

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Both the front and back of our Essential Kitchen Supply 15” x 20” pre-cut vacuum seal bags tout a 6 Mil (150+ micron) commercial grade thickness. Compatible with most 15 inch sealers (or larger), we proudly built our 7 layer bags to be 20% thicker than 5 Mil bags and 50% thicker than 4 Mil bags! 

Suited with an extra large information box, easy tear notch, and clear front, Essential Kitchen Supply vacuum seal bags are constructed to be airtight, waterproof, and odor proof. Extend the shelf life of your food, locking in freshness up to six times longer than other conventional storage methods. 

Equipped with a puncture resistant, flexible textured backing for increased strength and durability-- offering ultimate, heavy duty protection for your harvests! This textured panel was designed with deep channeling to aid in air evacuation during the sealing process. And our black backing provides UV protection for important documents or light sensitive valuables.

Essential Kitchen Supply vacuum seal bags are SGS certified and inspected to meet US FDA standards, as well as third party lab tested in the US – the materials we use are guaranteed US FDA food safe, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PFAS-free.

Heat shield technology guarantees Essential Kitchen Supply vacuum seal bags are microwave safe, boil safe, sous vide safe, freezer safe, and worry free! Our bags tolerate temperatures up to 250°F with integrity!

Protect your important documents, photographs, and valuables from flooding and water damage. Save food from freezer burn by storing leftovers and bulk food items with ease. Preserve coffee, poultry, meats, herbs, spices, cereals, grains, pastas, beans, and more!

  • Made from US FDA food safe materials | BPA free & phthalate free | SGS Certified | Third party lab tested in the US
  • 15" x 20" 6 mil commercial grade vacuum seal bags | 50 count | Compatible with most 15-inch sealers (or larger)
  • 6 Mil bags are 20% thicker than leading 5 mil bags offering heavy duty protection and longer shelf life
  • Deep textured backing to aid in complete air removal during sealing process
  • Enhanced heat shield protection up to 250°F | boil safe, freezer safe, microwave safe & sous vide safe
  • 7 layer flexible construction stands up to punctures and tears
  • Lock in freshness and extend shelf life up to 6 times longer
  • Air-tight, odor proof, & waterproof
  • Black side offers UV & light protection
  • Ideal for harvesting, fishing, hunting, prepping, camping, and hiking
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